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where have you been my fav blog

at the moment i have a lot work to do, so i don’t have much time for my tumblr. i’m sorry :’( i miss you guys </3

Love your blog and music taste already (: Thank you for the follow <3

thank you so much <3 you’re wellcome :D

bittersweet! that video made me so happy but the end is kinda tragic.

Why and what is your favorite song from LP?

wow that’s a pretty hard question. it’s almost as if you had to pick your favourite child. ;)

i love all lp-songs because i can relate to almost all of them. but there are a few i like a little bit more than others:

  • papercut (because i have….this fear…..)
  • lost in the echo (because it taught me to move on after my mistake)
  • leave out all the rest (i would play this at my funreal)
  • breaking the habit (because i had trichotillomania)
  • faint (because it fucking helps when i’m angry)
  • forgotten (i don’t know why i love this one… i guess it’s just because it sounds sooo great)
  • waiting for the end (because i feel like the ‘character’ in the song… ‘sitting in an empty room, trying to forget the past, this was never meant to last’)
hii thanks for follow :)

hi :) you’re wellcome :)